The only Satans Slaves Colors to make it out of the club

Since the club was founded in 1960 the Satans Slaves MC have long been the most secretive of the original outlaw clubs having only lost track of two members; Lover Jim and Slick. They kept their club lean & mean, never having more than one chapter, and at most twenty members. Each person, patched into the club, was somebody all of the clubs members trusted; and that one person was as tough as ten members of the Hells Angels.

Back in 2009 these original Satans Slaves MC colors sold on Ebay, for $9,000 Buy It Now, after being listed only several hours prior. They were allegedly purchased, from the family of Lil John, by a hollywood actress right before she broke up with her chopper building boyfriend. The colors ended up in a private collection before becoming part of our archive in August of 2018. Ive been told by several original members of the Satans Slaves that these are the only set of colors to ever make it out of the clubs possession. They date back to 1960, and the patch is stitched onto a Levis Type II cut off.

". . . The run was on, "outlaws" from all over the state rolled in packs toward Monterey: north from San Bernardino and Los Angeles on 101; south from Sacramento on 50 . . . south from Oakland, Hayward and Richmond on 17; and from Frisco on the Coast Highway. The hard core, the outlaw elite, were the Hell's Angels . . . wearing the winged death's-head on the back of their sleeveless jackets and packing their "mamas" behind them on big "chopped hogs." They rode with a fine, unwashed arrogance, secure in their reputation as the rottenest motorcycle gang in the whole history of Christendom.

From San Francisco in a separate formation came the Gypsy Jokers, three dozen in all, the number-two outlaw club in California, starved for publicity, and with only one chapter, the Jokers could still look down on such as the Presidents, Road Rats, Nightriders and Question Marks, also from the Bay Area, Gomorrah . . . with Sodom five hundred miles to the south in the vast mad bowl of Los Angeles, home turf of the Satan's Slaves, number three in the outlaw hierarchy, custom-bike specialists with a taste for the flesh of young dogs, flashy headbands and tender young blondes with lobotomy eyes; the Slaves were the class of Los Angeles, and their women clung tight to the leather backs of these dog-eating, crotch-busting fools as they headed north for their annual party with the Hell's Angels, who even then viewed the "L.A. bunch" with friendly condescension . . . which the Slaves didn't mind, for they could dump with impunity on the other southern clubs--the Coffin Cheaters, Iron Horsemen, Galloping Gooses, Comancheros, Stray Satans and a homeless fringe element of human chancres so foul that not even the outlaw clubs--north or south--would claim them except in a fight when an extra chain or beer bottle might make the crucial difference." 

-Hunter S. Thompson, Hell's Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs
The quote as altered by a member of the Satans Slaves MC in his first edition copy of Hunter S. Thompson’s Hells Angels

The photo below is from the 1965 Oakland Hells Angels Dance, featuring the President of every California Chapter, except Rex Cardenas from San Diego, and including Lil John who was President of the Satans Slaves at the time.

An original Satans Slaves MC courtesy card signed by member Lil John